Updated: Ubuntu 9.04 on the Asus Eee Pc 1000H with ACPI and WiFi/Wlan working

This article should also apply on the newly released 1000HE and maybe the 900 series of EEE Computers. If you can verify that this is the case please let me know.

A few days ago I got myself the Eee Pc 1000H from Asus. My first impression about the hardware is that the build quality surpasses my expectations. After a day or two of typing on the 1000H-keyboard I have gotten very used to it and type as fast as on a normal sized keyboard. The screen is great to.

Since memory nowadays is so cheap I purchased a 2 GB SO-DIMM DDR2 module from Corsair. Product number is VS2GSDS667D2. The memory from Corsair works without any problems. I guess that it is not necessary to have 2 gigabytes of memory to run Ubuntu but a large file cache will speed things up.

On to the installation of Ubuntu 9.04:
At this point in time 9.04 aka Jaunty Jackalope is a Beta release. However I find it to be stable enough for me.

The Eee Pc 1000H does not come with a optical drive so you probably want to Install from a USB Stick as described on the Ubuntu Wiki.

When you have created your bootable USB Stick you just insert it into a USB port on your Eee, power on the Eee and press ESC to get a list of bootable devices. Your USB Stick should be visible in that list. Choose it and press ENTER.

Install Ubuntu…

After the installation things like wlan, touchpad and so on work. However i was not able to use Fn+F2 to toggle Wlan. So I started to search the web and found the following solutions to that and ACPI problems.

First you want to install the custom kernel from array.org. At the moment array.org do not list 9.04 on the page but there is a repository that works well with 9.04. To add the repository do the following:

$ sudo -s
# echo "deb http://www.array.org/ubuntu jaunty main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/array-jaunty.list
# wget http://www.array.org/ubuntu/array-apt-key.asc
# apt-key add array-apt-key.asc
# aptitude update
# aptitude install linux-netbook-eeepc
# exit

When that is done you have to install some custom ACPI scripts/programs to enable ALL the buttons on your Eee. I use “EEEASY SCRIPTS” by elmurato. The software package also includes a GUI and OSD package made by Jan Hoffman. The package is available here. I used the one named Jaunty_Eeeasy-Scripts.tar.gz that is dated 20-Mar-2009 18:13. I have now upgraded to the version that was released on 13-Apr-2009.

When you have downloaded the EEEASY SCRIPTS package you need to do the following to install it.

Extract the files: tar xzvf Jaunty_Eeeasy-Scripts.tar.gz
Go to the newly extracted files:  cd Jaunty_Eeeasy-Scripts
Run the installer: sudo ./acpi-scripts.sh install

Before you reboot, there is one more thing :) In Jaunty the pciehp (PCI-Express Hot Plug) is compiled in to the kernel. You need to activate it in order to successfullty toggle your WiFi with Fn+F2. To activate pciehp in Ubuntu 9.04 you need to do the following:

Edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst and add the following to the end of the kernel line for your netbook-eeepc kernel: pciehp.pciehp_force=1 pciehp.pciehp_poll_mode=1

Example (look at the end of line 3, the one starting with “kernel”):

title           Ubuntu jaunty (development branch), kernel 2.6.28-8-netbook-eeepc
uuid            978d9a41-90b5-43ba-a434-4d6ac3e44bea
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-8-netbook-eeepc root=UUID=978d9a41-90b5-43ba-a434-4d6ac3e44bea ro quiet splash pciehp.pciehp_force=1 pciehp.pciehp_poll_mode=1
initrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.28-8-netbook-eeepc

As I write this there is a bug in notify-osd that makes it crash when EEEASY SCRIPTS try to display things on screen. This only affects the visual feedback. You are still able to in- or decrease volume and brightness, toggle WiFi, webcam the card reader and so on. You are also able to toggle the cpu-governor that the linux kernel uses (like speed step on windows I guess) by pressing the rightmost quick button.

Now ALL buttons including the Fn buttons on your Eee 1000H should work. This will probably also work for other Eee Pcs. If it does please write a comment to this post.

69 thoughts on “Updated: Ubuntu 9.04 on the Asus Eee Pc 1000H with ACPI and WiFi/Wlan working

    1. Thorsten Post author

      Well, I do not know if it is experimental or not. The one i have got from array.org has version 2.6.28-8 and is probably based on the standard 2.6.28 kernel which is a released kernel (not experimental). The kernel has some newer/enhanced modules for sound wlan and so on which the kind people at array.org have patched it with.

      I have not had any problems with that kernel.

  1. flaflatas

    Great job!

    I just followed the process you mentioned (although there where some minor problems; newer versions have different names).

    Thumbs up! Great guide!

  2. Anonymous

    ubuntu 8.04/8.10/9.04 on eee pc 1000h = low battery life, low graphical power and much video tearing.that is a nogo for ubuntu/linux.

    1. Thorsten Post author

      Have you installed the above kernel and enabled the “on demand” mode? I get about 5 – 6 hours with wireless on 9.04 (BT disabled in BIOS). Without wireless i get one more hour of surf and chat.

  3. Anonymous

    ok, it works. but i can’t enable/disable bluetooth (like eee-control in ubuntu 8.04 & 8.10), only in BIOS. is it normal?

          1. Frames

            Yeah, when it’s out. You could compile a custom kernel yourself, but I don’t think you’ll want to go though the hassle.

        1. greg

          Bluetooth toggling works fine with the newest eee-control versions, even on the default Jaunty kernel.

  4. yasser

    hi thorsten thats really great….now just waitin for juanty and i’ll dump windows..BUT….

    HD mkv work ONLY on xp…and that too..ONLY with Klite Mega codec pack…all other players I’ve tried VLC, kmplayer, smplayer on windows failed to play the hd mkv properly..

    i tested with linux mint 6 too…and some other distros too…they dont play hd mkv correctly…

    is there anythin i can do? thanks!

  5. Alexey

    About editing of /boot/grub/menu.lst
    – of course, you can add the parameters directly to the active config, but this is not (strickly speaking) the proper ubuntu way.

    Instead – find the *commented* line:
    # defoptions=quiet splash

    and add your additions to this line.
    Then – run “sudo update-grub”. And these lines will be added to your active config.

    The difference from “just adding” is that these options will be kept on kernel update, etc.

  6. Yasser

    thanks for ur help thorsten but that guide is entirely for windows…n vlc doesnt play hd mkv smoothly on 1000h…theres only one solution imho: to install Klite mega codec pack with wine and run that. i havent tried it yet….if it works i shall certainly write abt it here..

  7. Jon

    Thorsten. Thanks a lot. I’ve been using intrepid on my eeepc 1000H for about 6 months. Love it. But I want to upgrade to jaunty, and your notes will save me some time.

    I have mostly been a kde (including kde 4) user on the desktop and a gnome user on the eeepc. But recently, I installed kde 4.2.2 on my eeepc because several blogs were talking about improved power management. It’s true that the devs spent a lot of time on kde 4 power management for netbooks. I am testing now to see if I can get any better battery life. Up to now, my experience is similar to yours, 5-6 hours.

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  9. Albert

    Warning: Do NOT install Ubuntu 9.04 on an EeePC 900 – it is complete crap – the graphics rendering speed is so poor it’s unusable and the sound is screwed. Pulseaudio is nowhere near ready, it’s junk (ALSA works perfectly – why ship Pulseaudio as default?)

    I reverted back to 8.10 immediately after installing 9.04 due to these and many, many, many other issues. I recommend Eeebuntu for now or just dumping Ubuntu altogether and using core Debian.

    I’ve had problems with every Ubuntu except 8.10 – where SuSE worked no problem, Ubuntu falls over, it seems they concentrate on pointless crap like shiny new notifications instead of making sure it frikkin works!!

    Personally I think that with releases as poor as 9.04 Canonical is doing the Linux community a major disservice by ruining people’s experience of this great OS.

    For the record I’ve been using Linux since RedHat 5 – I also use it for professional recording and have installed ALL the main distros at some point of other so before anyone flames me I DO know what I’m talking about!

    The only good thing in 9.04 is the boot time, but at the expense of sooo much else? I don’t think so Canonical, get yer friggin’ act together!!!!

    1. JPierre

      @ Albert… Once again thanks for your advise, but a lot of people were able to fix the problems they might have faced with Ubuntu.

      I remember you also said that world of goo run awfully on your installation. Well, it works awesomely here. So most probably you need to have some tweaking done to get things running, and for an experienced Linux user like yourself, I believe this is no biggy.

      I am not defending Canonical nor Ubuntu. This is just my 2 cents.


  10. Herr Voß

    Thanks for the how-to. Works great! Only the eee-scripts are a bit different from the ones you documented. The name is different for example.

  11. Paul in Sydney

    Thorsten – thanks for walkthrough. I have a 1000H and Jaunty 9.04 (the full release from a few days ago) just as you describe, but I had a few minor problems during the install process:

    1) Downloaded the new kernel from array.org – that seemed to work fine
    2) Previously, I got the WIFI working using ndiswrapper and the WinXP RT2860 driver. After running the new scripts the WiFi drivers installed in that process didn’t work, so I had to revert back to ndiswrapper
    3) After adding the lines for pcihp in the grub menu and rebooting, I found that the WiFi toggle on FN-F2 did toggle the WiFi enabled/disabled screen popup, however once the WiFi was re-enabled the NetManager refused to re-start the WiFi search and authentication. When I removed those statements from the grub menu, NetManager again correctly attempted to re-establish the WiFi session when the WiFi was toggled on. Mine works better without those pcihp statements in the grub menu – it seems PCI-Express Hot Plug is already enabled by default?

    1. Thorsten Post author

      Actually I just reinstalled my EEE with the 9.04 rel. I followed the instructions in the article ;) and my wlan toggle works. Sorry that it does not work for you. Can it be that the ndis wrapper interferes in some way?

  12. oliwek

    @ yasser : do you really enjoy watching HD content on a netbook? I use a 701 (so I don’t see the point with 800X400 resolution and above all such a tiny screen), but even on a 10 inch lcd it seems to me a dubious choice. Not to mention the limited SDD space on many netbooks…

  13. Dennis

    Hi there,

    Just installed jaunty, adams kernel (“2.6.28-12-netbook-eeepc”) and elmurato scripts (for jaunty) on my eee1000H, and am very pleased with it.

    Few issues I have with elmurato scripts are:

    Wifi toggle works (but I get several error msg on booting).

    Bluetooth can only be ENabled (but I rarely use it at all)

    CPU freq governor goes crazy when rightmost hotkey is pressed, notifications cycle through all four possible speed presets continuously and will never stop again (unless I suspend and resume the thing which interrupts this eternal loop..)

    How can I toggle the craad reader, change the elmurato settings or adjust the fan speed?

    Any help greatly appreciated!


    1. Thorsten Post author

      You can enable/disable the card reader via the ACPI application that is installed by the EEEASY SCRIPTS. Sorry about your problem with the cpu governor toggle. I do not have this problem …..

  14. Dennis

    OK just figured there’s a new system settings “elmurato ACPI” icon giving access to all the settings I’m used to.

    Now I only need a solution as to why geekbench gives me only 980 points running Jaunty at 1.6GHz versus 1200 points with Intrepid/1.6GHz (both with array kernel).


  15. gabriel

    How exactly is this better then the eeepc_laptop module that cames by default with 9.04?

    And why on earth ubuntu/debian guys are redoing the work on that module or not including the one that works? makes you wonder.

  16. Dennis

    @gabriel: wifi toggle via hotkey wouldn’t be possible w/ eeepc-laptop!? (“the ubuntu guys” even re-did networkmanager instead of dumping it in favor of wicd which most hardy users were using as replacement so it has got to do with philosophy)

  17. Anonymous

    I did exactly the same the instruction, It works perfectly. Thank you so much. But the Fn+F3 and Fn+F4 still can not work.

  18. Mike

    Thanks for the great Guide!
    Everything works great on my 1000h. The Only thing that annoys me is getting the error message ” PCI-E (…) device already exists, can not hot – add”

    How can I get rid of that annoying message?

    Thanks again!!!

  19. Mike

    OK, I looked at the line again in kern.log and it says:
    “[ 1.260025] pciehp 0000_00_1c.1_pcie02_ Device 0000_03_00.0 already exists at 0000_03_00, cannot hot-add”

    So how do I get rid of this error message?

    Sorry for not getting it right the first time!

    1. Thorsten Post author

      I have that error to. Does not seem like a real error to me. More like information from the hot-plug system about that it is not able to add the device because it’s already active……..

    2. mh

      did you add those extra lines to /boot/grub/menu.lst?
      just remove pciehp.pciehp_force=1 pciehp.pciehp_poll_mode=1

      all should still work once removed.

  20. Steven B

    I just finished downloading Ubuntu 9.04 and then read Albert’s comment. Yikes!

    I have an Asus 900 with 4GB built in, a 4 and/or a 16 GB SSD, and a 160 GB external flash drive. I hate Windows and finally got a this machine , but I hate Xandros.

    I don’t know a lot of tech talk. Do you all assume that necessity? For memory sake, wouldn’t it be better to reformat my C: and do a complete new install? Or wd that involve more tech than I know about ports and stuff?

    Maybe Albert doesn;t have enough memory to run Jaunty. I read somewhere that you need at least 4GB. Which I have.
    So … what should I do? I’ll check back here in a couple of days.

    1. Thorsten Post author

      Ubuntu requires about 500 to 1000 MB of ram for normal work (according to my experience). However, in memory terms more is always better ;)

      I have been running Ubuntu 9.04 on my 1000H since the alpha releases. I am completely happy with it. I use the 3D desktop (compiz).

      Just give it a try, if you do not like it you can always install another OS.

  21. Steven B

    I got the Netbook Remix from Ubuntu.com. It’s a .img file. When I try to open it, my computer asks what application to ope it with. So I read on line about ,img and tried changing the extension to ,iso. I got a message that said I don’t have a CD burner, which I know.

    My Asus 900 has an Intel Mobile Processor, not an Atom
    So, how do I do this? Do I need a virtual drive? Do I have to get an external CD or DVD burner before I can try out 9.04?

    1. Jon

      Hi Steven. All you need to do is take the ubuntu image file, and create a bootable USB. I assume that you are using Linux to begin with, perhaps another distribution on your Asus 900.

      There are several utilities to do this, but the one that I use is called UNetbootin (unetbootin.sourceforge.net). Essentially, you mount a USB drive, tell UNetbootin where to find the source image and the mount point for the USB drive … wait a couple minutes … and you have a bootable 9.04 USB image.

    2. Jon

      If you’re partial to the command line, there is always our old friend, the ‘dd’ utility

      dd bs=8M if=image.img of=/dev/sd[x]

      where ‘image.img’ is the source image and ‘/dev/sd[x]’ is the USB device.

  22. Alfred

    I just installed xubuntu 9.04 on my eee 900. The system seemed to work better before following these instructions. My wireless key does work which was the goal but other issues arose. Any suggestions to fix these would be greatly appreciated. I am new to the Linux world.

    When I shut down I get the following error:

    Unable to perform shutdown

    org.freedesktop.hal.power-management.shutdown-multiple-sessions auth_admin ← (action, result)

    with the only option of “Quit”
    When I quit just before shutting off the following two messages appear, but do not wait for a response,

    *will now halt

    halt: unable to iterate IDE devices: no such file or directory

    I also get a similar start up message as Mike but I am not concerned about it.

    I am also not able to use the Fn-F7, Fn-F8, Fn-F9 hot keys.

    1. Alfred

      As an additional note, I had to install the asus_eee DKMS inorder to install the eeeasy scripts and the gedit file to edit the grub menu.

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  24. filozofio

    I get only 3 hours and 20 minutes with power saving mode and wifi on. Why is that? Can I improve that time?

  25. rohan hawthorne

    this doesnt work with netbook remix 9.04

    it asks

    FATAL: Module asus_eee not found.
    ERROR: asus_eee is not installed. Plese install the asus_eee DKMS package first. Exit…

    and when you install the deb that comes with it it still doesnt work.

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  27. kevin

    Couldn’t find any package whose name or description matched “linux-netbook-eeepc”

    what’s wrong:(

  28. Thorsten Post author

    kevin :

    Couldn’t find any package whose name or description matched “linux-netbook-eeepc”

    what’s wrong:(

    Well, i do not know what is wrong. Have you added the repository? After adding it you need to perform a repository update “aptitude update”.

    According to http://www.array.org/ubuntu/ there is a package …….

  29. kevin

    i literally copied this section

    “First you want to install the custom kernel from array.org. At the moment array.org do not list 9.04 on the page but there is a repository that works well with 9.04. To add the repository do the following:

    $ sudo -s
    # echo “deb http://www.array.org/ubuntu jaunty main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/array-jaunty.list
    # wget http://www.array.org/ubuntu/array-apt-key.asc
    # apt-key add array-apt-key.asc
    # aptitude update
    # aptitude install linux-netbook-eeepc
    # exit

    1. Thorsten Post author

      I have tried syncing with the array.org repository according to the procedure described on array.org and am not able to find their kernel. My guess is that it is a temporary problem. I will do some testing and see if i can get things to work.

    2. Thorsten Post author

      I have now played around a bit with the array.org repro and can not get it to work. However i found another solution for you: http://eeebuntu.org has the array.org kernel and a lot of other stuff in their repro / dist. I was so curious that i installed their standard distribution on to my 1000H. It works great. Wlan and so on, all work after the initial install / upgrade.

      eeebuntu is based on ubuntu 9.04 so it is possible, if you do not like to reinstall your netbook, to simply add their software repository to the list of your software sources.


  30. Alex

    Hello, I came across your blog from JPierre blog.

    Thank you for this post it really helped me a lot. I used to use eeebuntu, but I find genuine Jaunty much better and stable :)

    Do you know if there is a solution to solve the WPA2 connection issue in Jaunty on 1000H? Because once I used the Jpierre solution, I get to working drivers at once and the system thinks I have two Wi-Fi cards.

    1. Thorsten Post author

      I installed 9.04 on my EEE at the same time this article was published. I have had no problems with WPA2 or dual WLAN NICs since then. I use WPA2 at home. Sorry that i can not help you.

      On the other hand: 9.10 is coming out in a few weeks ……..

  31. Brenton Capasso

    I have had the Eee PC 1000HE for about a week now, and it has fulfilled my every expectation. Because I hadn’t started up the Eee without installing the 2 GB RAM I’d purchased, this review is relevant to those who plan to upgrade, or have already upgraded the RAM in the unit. For those who don’t, I will add that it is extremely easy and inexpensive to double the RAM of this netbook. I had never opened a laptop chassis before, and it took all of 5 minutes.;”^*

    Have a good one


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