The Weber Poultry Roaster

Easter has come and gone. It was a beautiful weekend here in Sweden, about 17 Celsius in the shade and very sunny. What better to do then to start the charcoal grilling season? Since my friends regard me as a bit of a geek (which I am) I had to purchase some new equipment for the season.

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I found the Weber Poultry Roaster at my local hardware store by “accident” when I was purchasing some charcoal briquettes. I simply had to have it, especial since some of my grilling friends have it 🙂

So, what does the Poultry Roaster do? It is a device that lets you grill Beer Butt Chicken, Dancing Chicken, Chicken Violated with a Beer Can or whatever you like to call it, without the beer can. It is made of cast aluminum and has a coating of non stick material on all parts that come in contact with the chicken and its juices.

When I grilled for the first time with the Poultry Roaster i used a regular chicken, coated it with herbs, spices and oil. Before I put it on the roaster i filled the Roaster with beer, rosemary and some other spices and herbs. When the chicken was prepared I placed it on my grill. I also added some Jack Daniels oak wood chips on the briquettes for added flavor.

After about 1 1/2 hours and a few beers I lifted the lid of my weber and the chicken was ready to serve. Unfortunately I got so excited about the result that I forgot to take a picture of the grilled bird while it still was on the roaster. A picture of the chicken served with mashed potatoes has to suffice.

I hope that you will enjoy the grilling season 2009 as much as I will.


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