How to disable Teredo tunneling in Windows

I have been using Windows quite a lot lately due to various reasons. One thing that always buggs me when using a Windows computer is Teredo tunneling. This post will explain why you should disable teredo and how to do it.

Some considerations to why you should disable teredo:
Teredo tunneling security considerations

The first step is to disable all outgoing traffic on UDP/3544 in your firewall. If you use iptables you can add something like this to your firewall configuration:

Once that is done you can also disable the teredo interface in Windows by launching either powershell or cmd.exe as the Windows Administrator and issue the following commands.

When you have issued the above commands you can run ipconfig /all in the same powershell or cmd.exe that you just used to verify that the teredo interface is gone.

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  1. Try to use just IPv4 by disabling IPv6 by unhckceing the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) from the Local Area Connection properties in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connectionsor perform some troubleshooting as explained here

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