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New theme and move to web hosting

Recently I discovered that the old theme of this blog was a bit to popular for my taste. So I switched. I hope you like the new look.

My thanks go out to mg12 who created the theme I am using now. I like it.

Since Isabella was borne I have had a lot of things to do. Therefore I felt that there was just not enough time to maintain my server at home. There was also the bandwidth issue. At the moment the fastest internet access I can get at home has only a 1 Mbit/s up-link. A bit to slow in my opinion. Therefore I started searching for a good web hosting company that could host

After a long period of reading and asking friends i found A small web-hosting company with good service and low prices. I spoke to their support staff a couple of times before i signed up with them. The support staff could answer all of my questions so I guess that they are quite competent :)

I have only been a customer of for a couple of days but so far everything is going according to my expectations (they ware quite high). has c-panel which lets you configure your mail server, spamassassin your web server and so on. It works well and is easy to learn.

If you are looking for a good and affordable web-hosting company I can recommend

Enjoy the bandwidth

1st post

Well, i finally decided to ditch iWeb, vi, notepad, Dream Weaver and all the other programs i have used in the past to edit my personal homepages.

To get a fresh start i got myself a shiny new domain. I am a newbie at anything that has to do with web logs so bare with me while i get this blog more functional and add more and more content over time.