New theme and move to web hosting

Recently I discovered that the old theme of this blog was a bit to popular for my taste. So I switched. I hope you like the new look.

My thanks go out to mg12 who created the theme I am using now. I like it.

Since Isabella was borne I have had a lot of things to do. Therefore I felt that there was just not enough time to maintain my server at home. There was also the bandwidth issue. At the moment the fastest internet access I can get at home has only a 1 Mbit/s up-link. A bit to slow in my opinion. Therefore I started searching for a good web hosting company that could host

After a long period of reading and asking friends i found A small web-hosting company with good service and low prices. I spoke to their support staff a couple of times before i signed up with them. The support staff could answer all of my questions so I guess that they are quite competent :)

I have only been a customer of for a couple of days but so far everything is going according to my expectations (they ware quite high). has c-panel which lets you configure your mail server, spamassassin your web server and so on. It works well and is easy to learn.

If you are looking for a good and affordable web-hosting company I can recommend

Enjoy the bandwidth

Updated: Ubuntu 9.04 on the Asus Eee Pc 1000H with ACPI and WiFi/Wlan working

This article should also apply on the newly released 1000HE and maybe the 900 series of EEE Computers. If you can verify that this is the case please let me know.

A few days ago I got myself the Eee Pc 1000H from Asus. My first impression about the hardware is that the build quality surpasses my expectations. After a day or two of typing on the 1000H-keyboard I have gotten very used to it and type as fast as on a normal sized keyboard. The screen is great to.

Since memory nowadays is so cheap I purchased a 2 GB SO-DIMM DDR2 module from Corsair. Product number is VS2GSDS667D2. The memory from Corsair works without any problems. I guess that it is not necessary to have 2 gigabytes of memory to run Ubuntu but a large file cache will speed things up.

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Simple iptables firewall script with NAT and SFQ sceduling

I have been working with firewalls and security for quite many years at this point. Therefore friends and people I know ask me every now and then to write a firewall script for them. So instead of basically writing the same script over and over again I decided to write this article that explains how you can set up a basic iptables box by yourself.

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A solution to Potential DNS DDoS: named query (cache) ‘./NS/IN’ denied

During the last couple of weeks i have been seeing a lot of messages about denied cache queries on my DNS servers.

month day time server name named[6518]: client ip number#port number: query (cache) ‘./NS/IN’ denied

At first they looked quite innocent and I thought nothing much of them. But after a while the number of logged events grew faster and faster so it was time to do some investigation on google. After reading a few articles I came to the conclusion that my logs where trying to tell me that my DNS server where used as DNS DDoS deflectors.

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A simple Mac OS X maintenance shell script

I, like so many of my fellow Macintosh users want to keep my OS X installation well maintained. So i sat down and read a few man pages describing those nifty cli utilities that are included in OS X. Since OS X is a UNIX style operating system I decided to create a small shell script to perform the following maintenance tasks for me .

Repair Filesystem Permissions
Verify Disks
Run Periodic (cron) jobs
Update Prebindings
Verify Preference Files
Displa Cache size
Clear Cache

If you find the script interesting and want to use it on your mac you need to perform a few simple steps:

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